Academic Content Writing Career In India

academic content writing

What is Academic content writing?

Academic content writing is known for its clear and understandable style of writing, it is mainly used with schools, colleges, or with publishers.

Academic writers create content in such a way that it is not just readable but also attractive to readers, they prefer to use lots of pictures or graphs to perfect their content.

They create high-quality formal content which gets noticed by major publications, they can write in-depth on any topic.

The academic writing process:

The process of creating academic content writing can be divided into 3 parts which consist of:

  • Research
  • Writing & Planning
  • Publishing

I will explain to you a bit about the process of creating academic content once you get an assignment from clients. It consists of four major parts and we will go through one by one.


  • Always remember that in academic writings, you have to be factually correct and it is only possible when you read books.
  •  You can use reputed websites for inspiration but using books should be preferred and if you are not sure where to start then just visit a search engine and type your keyword.
  • You should get a basic idea on how to start, once you have an idea, you can use that to find more details in books and reports.
  • Always make sure to cite your source at the end of the content.

Writing & Planning:

  • The second part can be combined in two different processes of writing and planning and you need to brainstorm while writing, make sure that your content matches your headline.
  • Just start writing content, does not matter whether you like it or not as once you write whole content, you will also need to edit lots of time.
  • You have to collect as much information as you can in order to create great content, give credit to the source whenever possible in writing as it creates relevance for your assignment.
  • Never be happy with your first few drafts, try editing as much you want till the time you are satisfied with the results.


  • Academic writers need to publish your academic content writing content in this part but before doing that you need to make sure that everything is correct.
  • See if your content matches your readers or clients profile, make sure if the source of your content is even valid or not.
  • Always make sure that you have created lengthy content as it can be used to edit it later if required by the reader.
  • Now you are done and can post your content in blog or can forward it to your clients, there is a possibility that you may get a call from your client to make more changes in that writing, so get ready for that, it happens with academic writing.

Scope of Academic Content Writing in India:

Let’s be real, the scope of an academic writer is a lot especially if you are an expert in any subject like mathematics, Btech, and many more.

Most of the companies in India prefer hiring participants with higher degrees as academic writers also known as subject matter experts.

See this screenshot below this is a live screenshot of job opportunities available on sites like Naukri and Timesjobs.

Academic content writing
Academic job opportunities available in India

So if you are thinking about academic writing, you should not think twice if you have a higher degree to support, learn as much as you want.

Should you become an subject expert?

I will say yes because It is one of the lucrative jobs currently and you should not miss it if you have an inclination towards the academy and can back up your job with your real academic records.

I worked as an Academic writer for some time, though the work schedule was rough in the end you are satisfied by your career and get a good pay scale.

 You can also change your interest later, just because you are an academic writer that does not mean you will always be.

As a content writer, you have to be good at creating lots of different content.

How do we do at Rankuphigher Academy?


We are the only institute in India that also teaches academic writing and we teach that in detail, you will learn academy writing at the end of the week as it requires getting into details.

We guide our interns to write academic writing in detail for our clients and our interns have always surprised us by their performance.

In a professional content writing course, we really go into details of writing technique and it actually helps our participants in learning more than 50 types of content.

We are really confident in our content writing course that we can even guarantee that after this you will not need any other writing or marketing course ever as it includes everything.

But if you want to learn from internet too, you can always browse and get small parts of course from different sites, you just have to learn more with experience.

If you need any help or have any doubt, make sure to drop me email using details in contact page, I will get in touch with you.


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