7 SEO friendly Ways to Write Great Content Audience Will Love

Everyone loves great writing especially when it comes to business, good writers can create values out of nothing. But how can you create quality content that will be loved by the audience and Google?

I have always enjoyed the content writer process myself as it requires detailed attention and I love doing that, when I started writing, I was writing it, never really focused on format but soon I learned the lesson the hard way.

Let’s be clear on this, Google decides whether your content is quality one, or it is for SEO, Google has policies for quality content. In this post, we will share seven ways to create good content your audience will love for sure.


1. Answering questions of your audience:


Your content should always answer questions by your audience and should not be all about keyword research skills which most of the writer does. In fact, if you want to increase your business or want to engage with an audience, you will need to create content that should answer their doubts.

As an example, if you type content writing services in Google, you will see lots of search queries like which has a huge search volume.


You need to focus on those questions more than anything else while preparing for blogs. These can create a purpose for your content and will result in higher engagement and it will also help your organic search results.

 Tips for answering a few questions:

  • You can check your comment section for such questions.
  • If your web site is new then you can visit QA sites like quora and medium
  • You can get into Facebook groups to get inspired.

2. Authentic Information:


This is the backbone of great content writing, you need to share authentic information with your audience. Never ever rephrase anyone’s writing, most people try to go the easy way for the sake of SEO and trust me Google does not like that at all.

 Google is very strict with these types of content writing and it can result in severe penalties that can harm your web site. In the past few years some of the companies have actually developed automatic writing with the help of AI and we can be tempted to use that.

 Please do not use AI tools or spinners, it is not a good option as a content writer. Writing your own content is a bit hard and it could bring late results but at one point in time, it is destined to work for SEO.

 Using authentic information can help you in the link building process which is also known as backlink and it’s an important ranking factor and take it as a warning to stay away from creating duplicate content.

 Tips to become an original writer:

  • Find facts and statistics from reliable sources like a wiki.
  • There are other websites like statista for the fact check.
  • Do not focus on SEO, create good content.
  • Always remember Content is primary and SEO is secondary.

3. Prepare a list of interesting topics:


I will tell you one truth, writing is a boring process, and if you do not have interesting topics. You may not be able to start writing at all, you need to create a list of topics which is interesting not for you but also for your audience.

You can get these topics from movies, news, or even magazines, just save those topics in Google doc and start writing on that. Interesting topics are filled with great and long content and as you know Google hates thin content of fewer than 500 words.

You need to find every aspect of that topic and write on that, once you start writing, you will be able to fill those gaps which were created by your competitor.

Tips to prepare interesting topics:

  • Read Books
  • Look out for news channels
  • Visit Google trends for surprising topics

4. Readability of content:


Have you ever visited a blog post that uses complex words that are nearly impossible to read? You should never use such complex words that show that you are so intelligent. 

Readability is also part of SEO as if your audience cannot read or understand what you wrote then he will bounce back from the page and Google will notice and will see as thin content.

Tips to create readable articles:

  • Always use subheadings.
  • Use limited passive voice.
  • Use Grammarly or Hemingway.
  • Always use transition words like but, however, in spite of, and many more.

 5.Become Grammar Nazi:

 I know what you think, I am not telling you to be perfect in grammar and we cannot be perfect when it comes to grammar but you have to use standard grammars and avoid basic grammar mistakes like spelling mistakes.

Grammar mistakes can affect your SEO and rankings in Google in a longer time, you should also check your older posts to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes as we tend to make mistakes in grammar.

Tips to write with minimum grammar mistakes:

  • Always focus on writing.
  • Use Grammarly or Ginger for checking mistakes.
  • Proofread your content multiple times.
  • Never be satisfied with the first draft even if you believe.

6.Use fantastic Titles:

Headings play important roles in attracting your audience, headings act like clickbait if you have good and interesting heading. Readers will read that but make sure that headings should also match your content or you will see a bounce of readers which is bad for SEO.

If you are not good at creating headings, you can use a few tools which could come handy for you, you can use tools from Semrush and the Hoth.

Tips for creating effective titles:
  • Match your content with your title.
  • Use a short and crispy title.
  • Visit top websites for inspiration.

 7. Limited Images and Videos:

 You must have heard that we should use images and videos to make your blog rank better in SEO, but that is not at all true, use images or videos only when you need it.

 Always remember that images and videos could also result in creating issues for your website page load especially in mobile devices, so even if you use it, you have to optimize it.

 Always use alt text and also change the name of downloaded image files like “laughing baby.jpg” replace laughing baby with your keywords.

Tips for using image and videos in a better way:

  • Use plugins  resmush in WordPress.
  • Use sites like Pixabay and Pexels for high-quality images
  • Canva and snappa websites could be great for  creating your own graph or editing it.

How we do here at Rankuphigher Academy:


Creating great content requires lots of hard work and needs lots of research, but in the end, it gives great results, you should always focus on creating great content and not on SEO ranking.

As a content writer, I always believed in creating content which could be loved by my readers and the internet equally, I do not really focus on SEO and never recommend my writers to do that.

I know that my recommendation will some time in order to get indexed but I just try my best to create better content, We have created a system through which we work, and even when you enroll in a professional content writing course, you will be part of this process.

1. We have created a content calendar for every week which our content writers need to follow it.

2. We assign those content ideas to our in-house content writer and interns and we guide them to write that using our own format.

3. We save lots of our time and our marketing team can focus on SEO once they create content.

4. Our proofreader and editor go through those content at least 5 times.

5. Our marketing team then makes sure to add tags and categories, featured images, excerpts, SEO, and others.

6. We then post that content on our pages.

7. we check all our older posts every week or so for grammar and any SEO, backlinks issues.

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