Copywriting vs Content Writing:Difference And Career Scope


Discussion about Copywriting vs Content Writing has been in every marketer’s writer’s mind as both require similar skills but it gives different results.

In today’s post, we will try our best to explain this.

Copywriters and content writers have always been in demand, and they will always be due to their writing styles, they probably have the highest impact on consumers’ minds especially when it is regarding sales.

When it comes to content writing, today almost every company uses content writing or blogging as their tools to drive awareness for their products.

You cannot even think about marketing strategies without including blogging.

Good copywriting and content writing can increase your revenue multifold, when I started my career as a content writer in.

I found it a bit difficult in writing on every topic as our clients needed content on every topic from beauty to AI, but in few months, I got my writing styles, and that changed a lot.

What is content writing:

The content writing consists of three important processes which are planning, writing, and editing, we will discuss all three processes in detail ahead.

Consider yourself as a content writer, and you are working for a client, now clients want you to write 2000 words on Robotics in three days.

Now you will do what every content writer does, and that is you will start reading about robotics as much you can.

Now you will start writing on robotics, you will have to write probably 3000 words because there will be lots of editing, and always remember every good writing needs detailed editing.

This is the simplest explanation for all three processes of content writing. The best thing about a content writer is that they can be a great storyteller, and they can write several blogs on the topic even with restrictions.

The major difference between copywriting and content writing is about the way you write, content writers always use different writing styles.

Your job does not end here, you can also create content for podcasts, videos, social media, and so on, you have to write a lot, and you need to find a way that will help you in writing.

There are three types of Content writing styles:

  • Argumentative writing
  • Narrative writing
  • Informative writing

Argumentative writing: Argumentative writing always showcases two sides of a topic, remember interviews where they ask you what is the advantage and disadvantage of population or literacy and so on. This type of writing requires great research.

 Always remember that the goal of argumentative writing is persuasion, we use these types of writing in reviews or promoting some specific products.

Narrative writing: Do you remember we used the word “ storyteller “ above?, this is a part of Narrative writing, It is all about creating a story for consumers either to entertain or educate them. Most fiction books or blogs are narrative writing.

Informative Writing: Informative writing is non-fiction writing which is used mostly in newspapers or can be used to create know-how guide for products, we never use a persuasive style in this writing, it is used just to provide information.

What is the future of content writing: 

According to Hubspot’s 53% of marketing professionals consider blogging as their priority and more and more blogs are coming every day, which is creating a huge demand in the market and it’s only going to increase further.

 It does not matter how advanced our technology gets, every company will need a content writer as AI cannot ever write the way we humans do and there are also regulations for writing on the internet by Google and others.

I have worked for 9 years as a content writer and did freelance copywriting for several publishing houses.

The demand of content writers is crazy high and if you have skills then the sky’s a limit.

Apprehensions about content writing:

Our in-house team of writers has been writing for several clients in different niches like beauty, Technology, finance, and our client base has been increasing more every day.

As a content writer, I feel that sometimes it gets boring and if you can manage this boredom then content writing is for you.

Sometimes it can be stressful, and then there will be the time when you can create your best draft in minimum time.

The average salary of a content writer in India is between 25k to 35k for freshers in urban cities and as you get experienced.

Your salary gets hiked, and you can find various opportunities for writer jobs in India with much better packages. 

What is Copywriting: 

There are several definitions of copywriting but in the plain sense, it is just about using words for sale and marketing.

Copywriters are known for creating great phrases and they are known to be the spine of any marketing campaigns.

They use persuasive writing styles to create their phrases, it is not a new term, earlier we used to use this same method in billboards and even today we use such methods for promoting in marketing campaigns.

So now you are thinking about becoming a copywriter but how should we start?

It needs an artistic approach, you should be aware of how to use words for making it catchphrase, further we will discuss more this.

There are five types of copywriting: 

  • Direct response copywriting
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Brand copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Technical copywriting

Direct response copywriting: 

This type of writing needs to be extremely appealing as it seeks direct response from customers, we use these types of writings on the home page, lead pages, or contact us pages.

Have you checked our contact us and home page, you will see that we have used direct response copywriting?

Marketing copywriting: 

This type of writing explains the pain of customers first and then we offer solutions to their problems, here’s a thing for using this type of writing, you need to understand your prospects customers first and then curate your product, we use these types of writing landing pages and sales emails.

Brand copywriting:

 I love iPhones! But I am not sure why? Iphones are a prime example of brand writing, they use these types of writing most of the time and they are experts in it.

Brand writing is all about creating emotional connect with consumers and most of the brand copywriters use storytelling to connect the brand and consumers.

SEO copywriting:

 SEO Copywriting is less challenging than others because we use this method for providing information and to a position in Google.

We use this type of writing so that we can persuade consumers to take some action on our product, it is being used on landing pages, product pages.

Technical Copywriting: 

Technical Copywriter’s are expert in creating lengthy content based on specific industries and products, it can be used in several industries like in health, bank and many more.

So in the real sense, this type of writer makes perfect campaigns from imperfect products.


Final thoughts:

The starting salary package of a copywriter is the same as a content writer but if they have good skills, they can earn a hell lot especially if they decide to freelance as they also get royalties from their work.

Copywriting is satisfying and you need lots of patience to create great campaigns. 


Which Should You Use?

Now you got a basic idea of what a content writer and copywriter do?

I suggest you go ahead with content writing as a writer can also be a great copywriter, always remember there is no copywriter without content.

In our content writing course, we spend several hours learning to Copywrite as we know that this could open the door of perfection 

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