What is Content Marketing?

Customers should be the core of your Content Marketing


Amazon embraced a standout amongst other competition. In reality, they have set the highest quality level in online customer care. Amazon competes with homegrown competitions like Flipkart but Amazon is still one of the best in India but why?

The reason is simple: Amazon beats the other companies in Marketing and customer care, I am sure you must have purchased from Amazon in their sale period at so-called low cost, right?

See, Amazon is extremely good in Customer service and that is their main strategies apart from keeping their price at low cost due to their investment in every area connected to their business and they consider customer service as part of their content marketing

Content promotion is about tuning in to your potential customer and planning compelling assets accordingly. This is only one model out of many, content advertising is being utilized by practically all organizations like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco, and so forth.

Have you watched the Star Wars franchise?

You all have and you must be thinking that why I am giving reference of star wars motion pictures, star wars is about narrating, that is the reason they have been so fruitful, content promoting is tied in with narrating, the better story you have, the better it is for you.

Content vs content marketing:

How about we talk this in layman terms, content and marketing, you can discover content wherever you go, it could be in any way similar to writing, videos and so on however for elevating it you have to have assets with you since advancements are known as substance promoting yet it is extremely viable and is the available and eventual fate of showcasing, Content promoting is profoundly testing and successful.

 The Future of Content Marketing

Today, every brand is utilizing content showcasing as the centerpiece of its organization, the organization is utilizing content advertising as an instrument to draw with its clients. Advanced Content promotion is about minimal effort and long haul benefits, subsequently, over 90% of B2B is utilizing content in its showcasing effort and for a valid justification.

 Is content advertising simple? 

 It’s not, Over 440 million online journals ways out and more are springing up each moment, a blog isn’t only a blog, it is a business and If you consider another medium like Pinterest, Instagram, RSS, it goes past the tally.

 The popularity of digital content marketing is presenting several important results:

Content creation is all over the place and for everything, you will have the option to discover the appropriate response of anything you need.It’s extremely hard to compete with those organizations with gigantic spending plans. 

Consumers have access to everything they want, in reality, they are being spoiled, they have more than enough information.So content marketing is inventive and creative, if you have creativity, you can even beat big budgets.

 Consumers have access to everything they want, in reality, they are being spoiled, they have more than enough information.So content marketing is inventive and creative, if you have creativity, you can even beat big budgets.

Changes in Marketing:  

You could see huge changes in marketing techniques in India, if you look back a few years ago, businesses were using old media like print or visiting door to door but now things have changed. Now everyone wants everything at the fingertip and they are getting that because every business wants to reach their potential customers easily.

How was the water purifier marketing earlier? Did they use to visit houses and then persuade customers to buy their products, right?

But now just look at these images, they are using Google ads or have their website with their blog and all details about why you should buy their water purifier.

Indian Government effort:

 I am sure you are aware of Indian government digital India effort to build the digitalized society, they started this process with Aadhar system which was a milestone in the whole world, it got adopted in several processes like transferring subsidy directly, account opening and many others, they are also focusing on blockchain strategy for Aadhar system which will secure the date and will under be control of the consumer itself.

This is really building up the momentum for content marketing and if you still have doubt about the scope of content marketing, then you are in for surprise because it is growing and will continue to grow tremendously, it will create more jobs in the future, there are going to be competitive for sure but it is in every field and this is the reason you should learn about this.

Types of content marketing:


1. Blogs

The blog was first started as just a personal log on the internet, but like every innovation, entrepreneurs understood it’s potential and from then the blog took off, today’s blog and website are sorts of the same as people integrate them both in a single page.

The blog allows interaction between business and users, a blog is one of the most popular methods due to love of SEO. Content writing is also part of a blog though the writing is a broad field and can be written in different ways, we will explain about blogging in the next post.

2. Videos

Marketing through video has become very important, today video marketing plays an extremely important role in content marketing, in fact, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Till 2020 video marketing will be the most important form of marketing. When we talk about videos, we need to consider giants like YouTube and Netflix, they are killing it, just look at the stats of YouTube and Netflix below, they are changing the way people do marketing.

 3. Info-graphics

Info-graphics assist organizations with teaching their crowds and give helpful data that can include an incentive for leads and clients. This visual substance promoting design assists watchers with bettering envision information, for example, insights so they can have a superior thought of why something is important or how something functions. Info-graphics are better because we all are visual people and we understand things quickly. 

4. Case Studies

Case studies are more like a document regarding companies’ success with marketing and how they achieved it.

It plays an extremely important role in companies’ marketing plans, most of the time details are extremely deep, it shows why companies are successful.

You can try visiting any marketing agency, they will have case sections which will explain to you how they helped their clients in increasing visitors and sales.

Though you cannot expect content marketing strategy details in that, it will in be details about how they do it sans strategy. 

5. eBooks

eBooks are a type of long-form content that businesses can use to provide value for their customers. Your eBook should not be a page ad. it should provide some type of useful information and insight for your audience about their challenges.

eBooks are one of the best types of content marketing for collecting leads. This means that visitors must provide some type of information about themselves in exchange for the eBook download.

6. White papers

The white paper is a type of long-form content that can be effective in marketing, it is authoritative reports which provide solutions to challenges. It plays a role in showing why your product is better than others.

White papers should be at least 2500 words long content, it is more like a sales document released by companies to show their clients that they are growing and what different their strategy is

 7. Checklists

Checklists are a type of worksheet that provides a list of things to do in a step-by-step process to achieve some type of the desired outcome. This is great for small businesses because it is easy to create and promote.

8. Interviews

Interviews with influential people play an important role in promoting your brand, it is very useful for a marketing campaign and sort of complicated, too as it all depends upon the type of question you ask in an interview, you can interview him about what, how and why or general question who does not bring desired results

9. Social Media Posts

We all know how effective social media marketing is, every business uses that, whether your company is small or big, you have to use that. How you use social media as a content marketing strategy will depend on what you want to achieve.

There are a few different ways that the various social media channels can be used to influence your target market’s purchasing decisions. You can use social media channels like Facebook or Instagram which has their marketing process too with ads and they are effective.

10. GIFs and Memes

GIFS and Memes are everywhere and it does not just for fund purpose, it is being used in business too. In reality, it brings much better results than any other marketing some time, it all depends upon what strategy you are using with memes.

Let’s conclude here, content marketing is must for business and no business can even survive without this, it is important for everyone small to large to assess their content strategy and then adapt accordingly. In future posts we will share more about content writing which is pillar for every marketing strategy. Content marketing is an integral part of professional content writing course created by us.


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